Were you overlooking your tax statements recently and were a bit disappointed to see your refund—if you were even getting one—was much smaller than you had anticipated? Maybe you’ve finally reached the point where you’re tired of writing checks to your landlord only to realize you could be investing in your own home. Perhaps the time has come to strike out on your own, move out of mom and dad’s house and purchase your first home. But where do you start? You’re in the right place! Join us this week as we discuss a very special FREE seminar, Home Buying 101!


Home Buying 101


“Over and over Michael and I hear how potential homebuyers are eager to purchase a house but are afraid the process is too complicated. We call it paralysis by over analysis.” A small chuckle escapes from Coldwell Banker Innovations’ David Yoder. “We get it, we really do. If you’re a first-time buyer it can seem like a lot of work buying a home. But it’s not as complicated as people think.”


Michael Fitzgerald nods his head in agreement. “David and I share an office here at CBI, and we always find ourselves bouncing ideas off of each other. One day we were talking about the best way to demystify the entire home buying process. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go over ever single aspect of home ownership, you know, from mortgage pre-qualification to all the various down payment assistance programs available, the importance of home inspections—all of it? We thought if we could shine a spotlight on all of these items that tend to be considered overwhelming, but really aren’t, maybe more families would become homeowners rather than renters.”


With the addition of First Home Mortgage’s Christina Ocharzak, the duo quickly became a trio and began crafting what has become Home Buying 101. This incredible FREE seminar begins March 8th, 2016 at 6:30 pm and is open to the public.

David Yoder: “We designed the course to be all inclusive and very user-friendly. There are three ongoing sessions, the first start March 8th, the second is on April 12th and the final meeting will be on May 10th. The goal is to help potential homebuyers learn everything they ever wanted to know about purchasing a house were afraid to ask.”


“And don’t forget we’ve got a few surprise up our sleeves, too!” Michael added. “Some door prizes and refreshments, and of course an informative and entertaining time.”


To reserve your space, simply call Michael Fitzgerald at 301.745.1522 or David Yoder at 301.745..1520.