Whether you’re purchasing a home, selling a property or considering a career in real estate, your odds of success grow exponentially when you surround yourself with caring, talented people.  In this week’s special video blog, let’s see what two of Coldwell Banker Innovations agents have to say about their experiences in the industry. Pay close attention and you will notice what they both claim is the true secret to their success!

“I Chose Coldwell Banker Innovations Because Of The Team”

—CBI Agent Kevin O’Leary

 We are so proud of Kevin’s accomplishments during this past year, and boy, can he tell a story! Take a moment to see what Kevin O’Leary feels makes Coldwell Banker Innovations so unique.

“Fun And Success, What Else Can You Ask For?”

—   CBI Agent Peggy Patschak

Peggy’s hard to keep up with, playing a crucial role in over 100+ real estate transactions per year since 2005! What does she attribute to her success?

Were you able to spot the running theme between these two talented agents? If you guessed any combination of teamwork, family, and support you’re definitely in the ballpark! Regardless of how you define success, one simple fact is evident—no one can truly be the best they can be without the help and support of others!  Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations, we understand the importance of partnering with our clients and agents, pulling together to achieve what we would never be able to do on our own!