Since we started posting these friendly “get-to-know-our-team” articles here on the Coldwell Banker Innovations blog site there has been one agent who has consistently eluded us. Like spotting Haley’s Comet, catching a glimpse of an unexpected rainbow or realizing a co-worker treated everyone to doughnuts, imagine our surprise when we finally convinced  Kimberly Lewis to sit down for an interview—and she agreed! If you read only one CBI blog post this month, make sure it’s this one as we find out what team member has been the most influential to Kim’s career, what she loves most about being an agent and why it’s taken so long to pin her down!

 Wow! You finally agreed to an interview! We can hardly believe it!

Stop it! You’re making it sound like I’ve been afraid to have you write an article about me, or I’m some type of celebrity or something. Neither of those reasons is true and you know it!

 So why now? What finally convinced you to participate?

I know it’s not an excuse, but I’ve really been so involved with my clients and listings lately, this is like this first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and make time to meet with you.

 That’s ok, we all know how dedicated you are when it comes to your customers, we just like giving you a hard time, that’s all.

Well, I’m here now. Sorry, it’s taken so long.

 No worries, but let’s get started before another first-time buyer calls and pulls you away! That’s kind of your specialty, right, young families and couples looking to purchase their first home?

I guess you could say that. I absolutely love helping first time homebuyers achieve their dreams. It’s a great feeling handing over the keys to their first house and exchanging hugs all around. Just like Olaf, I like warm hugs!


Ah, you’ve seen “Frozen” I take it.

About fifty times! I have two young daughters and it’s their favorite which kind of makes it my favorite, too.


You work with sellers as well, right?

Definitely! Sellers, new construction, rentals—anything in Maryland or Pennsylvania, I’ve been involved in it more than once.


And just how is it you’ve come to find yourself as a dependable member of the team here at Coldwell Banker Innovations?

Let’s see…it was after college and I was working in a different sales position, recently married and was considering my career options. My husband and I were looking for our first home and our agent, the wonderful Joan McLernon, encouraged me to look into becoming a real estate agent.


So Joan brought you into the family? That’s really special. We bet you and her have a special bond even today.

We do! She’s been such an inspiration and mentor to me. It’s funny when the market slowed I decided to step away from the business and raise my daughters. When they got a bit older and started school, Joan encouraged me to “come home” back to CBI, and I did. The rest, as they say, is history. I feel so privileged to part of this family.


You said “family”. We’ve heard that term used quite a bit when speaking with other Coldwell Banker Innovations agents. Why do you refer to CBI as a family?

This group isn’t just a bunch of REALTORS® looking to further their careers. Everyone here actually helps each other. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. Of course, we all have our own clients—buyers and sellers—but that doesn’t stop any of us from helping each other. Like a family, we’re always looking out for each other. Perfect example and this has nothing at all to do with real estate, but I think it speaks volumes for CBI in general.


I was at a carnival with my kids just the other evening and ran into my broker and his family. My girls wanted to me to go on a ride with them but there was a big sign “No Cell Phones Allowed”. I’m a real estate agent, of course, I had my cellphone with me! Clarence (Horst) offered to hold my cell phone—and my purse—so I could enjoy the ride with my daughters. Let me say that again…he held my purse! Only family or really good friends would do something like that.


We agree, and certainly, believe you! Clarence and Brian (Flook) are always doing everything they can to nurture the family spirit here at CBI.

I’m really blessed to be part of this incredible team.


At this point Kim’s cellphone rings. We can tell by her expression it is one of her clients.


Please, take the call. We’re just happy we finally had a chance to talk!


I’m sorry to cut the interview short! One of my clients is expecting an offer today and I think this is it!


Kimberly would love to help you find your dream house or list your current property.


To contact her directly, call 240-291-8116 (cell), 301-745-1517 (office) or via email at