In our last entry, in the spirit of the holiday season, we asked recent homebuyers what they were thankful for. This time around we have reached out to current clients who have selected Coldwell Banker Innovations to help them sell their homes. Here’s what they had to say!


What Our Home Sellers Are Thankful For

“The amount of exposure our townhouse received by listing with Coldwell Banker in Hagerstown. We had viewers requesting a showing the same day!”

“I tried to list my mom’s property by myself as a For Sale By Owner, which turned out to be a terrible headache. Trying to find out what I was doing wrong I stumbled across CBI’s informative blog and realized I was making a huge mistake. I immediately called to speak with an agent, and I’m glad I did! Mom’s now living with me and the house sold in two weeks.”

“My husband accepted a job in another state, which meant we had to get our home on the market right away. We’re both so thankful that our Coldwell Banker agent is taking care of all the details of selling our home while we’re getting situated in our new home.”

“The best advice we were given by our agent involved the proper asking price for our home. When we told her how much we thought we should list our 4 bedroom for she thought we were seriously underestimating the value. Taking her advice we had two competing offers within a couple of weeks and have our closing scheduled for just before Thanksgiving.”

“As a young professional, I made a decision to relocate to wherever the best employment opportunities would take me. I purchased a small home three years ago, but had never had the experience of selling a house. My CBI agent was an amazing resource, taking me through all the steps of what would be involved. It was like having a real life, caring textbook to consult with all of my questions! I’ve already contacted Coldwell Banker in Pittsburgh so they can help me find my new house when I arrive.”

“I’m a big fan of all of those real estate shows on television, so I thought I would need to invest a lot of money to prepare my house for proper showings. Imagine my surprise when my agent explained to me that all of these work wasn’t necessary to sell my house quickly and at the right price. A few staging tips and a call to an electrician to replace a broken outlet was all it took! Don’t believe everything you see on TV, a good agent can help you really save money.”

“I’m grateful that Coldwell Banker Innovations has three locations and my property is located dead center between all of them! Listing with them has really increased the visibility of my listing.”

“It’s truly comforting that our agent provided by wife and I with references. I’m not usually comfortable with asking for something like that, but my wife brought up the subject and he was more than happy to give her a list of recent clients, including their cell phone numbers. I asked him if we would be bothering them by calling and he laughed, saying that they insisted he could give out their information as they were so happy with his service. Things are different then they used to be when it comes to real estate, at least with Coldwell Banker.”

Here at CBI we’re grateful for the opportunity to help you sell your property quickly, painlessly and at the best price possible! We understand listing and selling your home is a great responsibility; the fact that you’ve entrusted us with this tremendously important undertaking is not lost on us. When choosing Coldwell Banker Innovations, rest assured, your real estate needs are our first priority!