Well, another year is in the record books, and a brand new one is just beginning! Before we totally close the book on 2015, however, we thought it would be a fun idea to go through the analytics and present the The Top Ten Coldwell Banker Innovations Blogs Of 2015. Think your favorite article made the list? There’s only one way to find out!


#10. Can You Purchase A Home After Bankruptcy?


For many who have experienced difficult financial times, the thought of once again owning a new home seems like an impossible dream. We posed the question as to whether purchasing a home after bankruptcy was even possible, and what we discovered just may come as a pleasant surprise!


#9. A Few Minutes With CBI’s Elaine Spies


It seems our readers really enjoyed our brief interview with Elaine, and why not? Buyers and sellers have been gravitating to this talented agent for quite some time, and she has an incredible knack for obtaining results!


#8. Why For Sale By Owner Isn’t A Good Idea


We totally get the fact homeowners think there’s not a lot that goes into listing and selling a home, but nothing could be farther from the truth! In this two part blog we discuss how trying to sell your home alone can be a huge mistake, not only costing you more money in the process, but taking up all of your valuable free time.


#7. Top Ten Things All Sellers Must Understand


The decision to sell your home is a big one, no doubt about it, but there are several things you must keep in mind before listing the property. Following these ten tips will help you present the best home possible to an eager marketplace of potential homebuyers!


#6. We Finally Caught Up With CBI Agent Kimberly Lewis


As a faithful reader you know we like to introduce new agents via our blog. Occasionally, we also enjoy spending a few moments with members of the CBI Team, but for some reason we always had a hard time tracking down Kimberly Lewis. Fortunately, back in August we were able to pin her down for a few minutes which lead to an insightful, and funny, interview.


#5. House Flipping: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


More and more savvy investors are trying their hand at house flipping, which, without a doubt, can be very lucrative. In this article we pulled back on the curtain on all the positives as well as all the drawbacks on this real estate money-making venture.


#4. Ever Wondered About The Homes Of MLB Players?


Right in the heart of the MLB Pennant Race, we took a look at the homes of some of baseball’s best players including Jose Altuve, Kris Bryant and the Nationals’ own Denard Span.


#3. The Ten Most Important Things To Understand When Buying A Home


Home sales have definitely made a comeback in 2015, and as this article details, there are several considerations that must be taken into account when making what could possibly be the biggest investment of your life.


#2. SAQ: Seldom Asked Questions For Buyers & Sellers


We’ve all heard of FAQs, but what about the questions that buyers and sellers are hesitant to ask? In this blog we tackled those exact topics and apparently hit a nerve as it was our second most popular article of the year.


#1. How Do You Choose The Right Real Estate Agent?


Coming in at Number One, this blog helps readers sift through all the obstacles of selecting the exact agent to help them buy—or sell—a home.


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