You’ve finally found the perfect home. Your loan has been approved and your settlement is getting close. Now it’s time for the move. The following are some tips that make the moving process as smooth and easy as possible.

Do any repairs and painting before moving in.

Go through your new home and decide what repairs and painting needs to be done. Before your movers start bringing in boxes and furniture, take the time to get those items done. It’s so much easier to do repairs and paint walls without having things in your way. You’ll be glad you did.

Hire a professional cleaner to do a thorough cleaning before moving in.

Before moving in, hire a professional cleaner to do a complete once-over of your home. There’s no better time for a thorough cleaning than when your home is empty. It’s an additional expense, but moving into a clean home is guaranteed to make the move easier and you happier.  

Hire a locksmith to change all the locks on the house.

As soon as possible after you settle on your home, hire a locksmith to change all of the locks on the house. Even though the seller is trustworthy, you never know who else may have keys. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Take care of setting up your utilities.

With so much focus on your move, don’t forget to get in touch with all the new providers to switch the services over to your name. You can check with the former owners to determine what you need to set-up. 

Make a detailed inventory list of your belongings.

Moving can be stressful. When you get to your new home and have a detailed list of what is in each labeled box, you will be so grateful. Plus, as an added bonus, the list will come in handy if you ever have an accident such a fire or natural disaster. 

Find the best nearby takeout.

Now’s the best part. Once the boxes and furniture are in place and the movers are gone, it’s time to celebrate with some takeout and wine. Do your research ahead of time so you’re not scrambling to find a place before closing time.

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