Everyone knows in the final days leading up to Christmas that Santa is one busy guy! After all, even with an army of elves and helpers it’s still a lot of work getting all of those toys together for the children, not to mention the logistics involved in actually delivering them on Christmas Eve.  Amazingly enough, Santa still has time to answer his letters from grown up boys and girls, too! He was kind enough to contact us here at CBI and ask if we would mind printing an excerpt from his weekly advice column, Counseling From The Claus. (Yes, we weren’t aware either that the Saint Nick likes to tackle reader’s problems all year round!) Want to read the latest?


Some Valuable Advice For CBI Readers From Santa Claus


Dear Santa:


Now that the children are grown, my wife and I feel it’s impractical to stay in such a large house.  We’ve been talking about downsizing, but we’re afraid no one will want to purchase our home because we have a dog and two cats. Can you help?


—What’s That Smell In Frederick?


Ho, Ho, Ho WTSIF!  It’s great that you and the Mrs. are animal lovers! Did you know we have over a dozen dogs here at the North Pole? Add that to all the reindeer, not to mention my loyal elves, and it can get pretty messy at times! No need to worry, however, there’s plenty you can do to make sure your home shows well! I suggest you read this handy article posted earlier by my friends at Coldwell Banker Innovations earlier this year!


Hello Mr. Claus:


First, I just want to say Merry Christmas and thank you for everything you do! This Holiday Season my husband and I wanted to teach our children how important it is to give back to others. Do you have any suggestions on how we can share the joy of giving?


—Receiving Is Good, Giving Is Better


I’m so glad you asked this question! It’s very refreshing to see that you’re showing your family the importance of giving! Let me suggest donating your time to serving Christmas Meals alongside the special folks at Celebration Ministries. Every year they deliver delicious holiday meals to those who have difficulty leaving their homes as well as a grand Christmas Day Lunch for the area’s homeless. You can learn more by emailing my good friend Mr. Clarence Horst.



Hi Santa:

My job is transferring me to Greencastle, PA from Dallas, TX right after the New Year. Can you help me find a three-bedroom home for my family?


—Promoted But Nervous


Well, believe it or not, I let my real estate license expire all those years ago when I began wearing the red suit! I can, however, highly recommend CBI’s new Greencastle officeJeff Matthews will be more than happy to help you and your family find the perfect home! Congratulations on the promotion! You certainly were a good boy this year.


Santa, Please Help!


I’ve been trying to sell my home on my own since early summer, but it’s not getting much interest. Am I doing something wrong?


—Frustrated Seller


Jenny, you’re a smart girl, don’t you remember that one Christmas Eve when you almost caught me as I was setting up your new dollhouse under the tree?  

Oh, that’s Mrs. Claus calling me! It seems she made some gluten free cookies and wants me to taste them while they’re still hot. I have to run now, but remember, if you ever need any help, I’m always available—but if I’m not, you can count on the team at Coldwell Banker Innovations!


Merry Christmas!