The holidays can be a tricky time for sellers. Generally, the winter months are more difficult to sell because less people are looking for a new home. However, a few market factors could really pay off in the end for sellers. Before you list your home on the market this season, consider these advantages and disadvantages of selling your home during winter.



  • Selling during this time of year can create conflicts during the holidays. Showings may interrupt holiday activities, and buyers may want to spend their free time with family not bouncing from open house to open house.
  • With winter weather on the prowl, sellers have to be more diligent about removing snow or ice before a showing for safe access for visitors and to increase curb appeal.
  • Overall, real estate prices are expected to be lower during winter, which may mean a lower selling price and more incentives expected from the seller.


  • With fewer houses on the market this time of year, you should experience less competition. With less competition, there will be a higher demand for your home.
  • Usually people looking to buy during the winter are serious about finding and purchasing a home as soon as possible. Sellers can motivate buyers to buy quickly so they’re moved in by the holidays or before the new year.
  • Because parents seek to relocate with minimal impact on their children, buying a home during the holidays when kids are on holiday break can be the perfect solution for families.
  • A well staged home has a higher change of selling closer to the asking price. During winter, a fresh dusting of snow on outside shrubbery and a fireplace crackling in the background can sway buyers during an open house or showing. Buyers can also experience firsthand how well the heating system works in the home.