to check out the second part of our very detailed top ten list regarding the most important things all sellers must understand. If you missed Number Ten through Number Six, that’s ok, they’re not prerequisites to educate yourself on the most important tips for sellers, but you can always catch up so you don’t feel left out. Go ahead, we will wait…

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The Top Ten Things All Sellers Must Understand: Part Two

5.) Make Your Home Available—Always

Too many home sellers feel that they can pick and choose when to make their home available for potential buyers to visit. Well, this is true to an extent, but ask anyone who has ever listed a home for sale and they will tell you there are times when your phone will ring at the least convenient time. Be prepared for those “I’m in the area with my client and they would really like to see your home, is that ok?” calls—they will occur. The last thing you want to do is tell a buyer it’s not a good time; these could be the people who will make a full price offer!


4.) Send Your Pets On Vacation

Like you, Coldwell Banker Innovations absolutely loves puppies and kittens, but that doesn’t mean your list of buyers feel the same way! If you have a friend or family member who can foster your pets while your home is on the market, it’s a good idea to pack their bags. In the event you have absolutely no one to babysit your pets during this time, it’s imperative that you don’t shine a spotlight on the fact you’re a pet owner. Here is some valuable advice for pet owners on preparing their home for sale; and don’t forget to clean up the back yard and hide that litter box!


3.) Promote Your Home Online

We live in a different world. No longer do buyers simply purchase a newspaper in order to find their dream home. Nope, they are scouring the Internet daily, and if you want to sell your home you better be there, too! Photos, video, social media postings, detailed descriptions, the whole kit and caboodle! The ultimate goal is to sell your home; you need to have much online exposure as possible.


2.) Price Your Home Correctly From The Very Beginning 

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is to place an unrealistic asking price on their home. This relates to #10 on our list—you must realize buyers don’t care about the value you are placing on all of your memories, they simply want to get a good deal on a new home! Your best bet, after you’ve come to grips with this fact, is to price your house accordingly based on comparable properties that have recently sold in your area. It’s as simple as that!


1.) Choose The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

Without a doubt, this is the best advice any seller can receive. Selecting a real estate agent that not only understands the market, but is in tune with your specific needs can make all the difference in finding a buyer quickly, easily and willing to pay the right price. Can you sell your home by yourself? Well, sure, but we wouldn’t recommend it. A skilled agent knows just how to make the sale of your home as stress free as possible, all while representing your best interests!


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