Yes, this week we’re going there! The question that has plagued sellers and agents for decades will finally be addressed, right here, right now. There are so many differing opinions on this topic, polarizing nearly everyone who has taken time to ponder the question. Do Open Houses sell homes? Are they really worth the time and effort involved? Let’s open the proverbial Pandora’s Box and tackle this burning subject head on!

 Ok, So What’s The Deal? Do Open Houses Sell Properties?

Well, it depends on who you ask! Speak to a seller who received an offer from a buyer that attended an Open House and you’ll get a very positive answer. Question a homeowner who has opened their doors for several Sundays in a row and experienced no traffic and you’ll most likely get a totally different response.

 The real answer is, yes, Open Houses can be an amazing technique to sell your home…but the key word in this statement is can. There is no guarantee hosting multiple events will move your property, but there are things that can be done to increase your odds significantly!

 What Goes Into A Successful Open House?

Remember that mysterious voice in Field of Dreams that whispered cryptically to Kevin Costner “If you build it they will come”? That, Dear Readers, was just a movie!

 It takes a lot more than a few balloons and road signs to get buyers to attend your Open House. You need an agent that understands how to drive traffic to your property. Hosting these weekend events are just part of the equation to selling your home. It’s imperative to partner with an agent that is able to utilize all the tools in their arsenal including:

  • Marketing Your Home Online
  • Showcasing Your Property Via Social Media
  • Networking Your Listing With Buyer’s Agents

Ok, back to actual Open Houses.

 Talk at length with your agent about the potential of successfully selling your specific home via an Open House. It’s quite possible they may have a positive track record in this area. Many agents feel Open Houses are the perfect environment to show all the benefits of your home to buyers. After all, no one knows more about all the selling points of your property than you and the agent you selected—certainly they will know more of the intricacies than the buyer’s agent!

 No one can accurately predict how well an Open House will perform, but one thing is certain—you can only sell your home to one buyer! Some sellers may feel that if 100 couples show up to view the property the odds of selling their home have increased. Not so! It’s possible only two, even one, buyer shows up, falls in love with your home and you’re on the way to closing.

Any agent will tell you Open Houses are just another marketing tool utilized to sell your home but are no substitute for the diligent use of every other technique to source a buyer. What’s more important than an Open House, marketing, pricing and great location when it comes to selling your home? The answer to this question is very easy—partnering with the right agent!

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