Please Welcome Sara Repp As Our Newest Sales Associate to Coldwell Banker Innovations!

Sara has a lifetime of experience in serving people.  Even as a child, her parents were pastors of a large church, she learned the importance of serving others.  She has led many ministries, from youth groups on overseas ventures of service, to women's conferences, both locally and internationally.  She loves to teach and share with others about faith, hope, and love.  Her and her husband were marriage counselors for a time, as well as elders at their church.  They are both ordained ministers who value the importance of truth and recognize how everyone has a story.  They strive to serve people where they are.

She has been married for 26 years, and she and her husband have three awesome children, Cortney, Colton and Cylie, who have taught them more about parenting and life than they could have anticipated.  Their daughter, Cortney, married a wonderful man, Nathan, and they have a beautiful baby boy, Elias who brings them all great joy.  Her time serving her family, her church, and the various schools her children have attended, and all of her community involvement has taught her how to work well with people from different walks of life.  She has participated in various volunteer groups, from PTA to singing in nursing homes, to gardening committees, or serving meals at the local shelters,s he has done a little bit of everything.  During these years of service she has met many terrific people that have added to her story and have helped her grow.  

Hiking, gardening or simply watching the hummingbirds play at their feeders are some of her simple pleasures in life.  Spending time with family and friends brings her the greatest joy.  As her and her husband being to transition into the next phase in their marriage as empty nesters, they thought it was time that she find a new thing to invest in.  Being a full time mom has kept her busy, and as rewarding as it has been, she knows she is ready to do the next thing.

She is very excited to explore our local area as a real estate agent and become the expert that the client needs to walk with them on the journey of buying that first home, or transitioning out of their current home.  She is a good listener and sees potential in every situation, and she believes that will be an asset to her clients.  Understanding how intimidating new beginnings are, she hopes to be a source of help and encouragement during what can be an uncertain and overwhelming process.  Most of all, her aim in this new adventure is to meet some great people and help them achieve their real estate goals.  Committed to Serve!