The team here at Coldwell Banker Innovations continues to grow! We recently had a chance to sit down and talk with our newest agent, David Yoder, to discuss how a former Marine got involved in the real estate business, why he chose CBI and the nearly supernatural abilities of his grandmother! You won’t want to miss this interview.


Good morning, David, thanks for making time to speak with us today!

No problem at all, I’m appreciative that Coldwell Banker Innovations actually gives their agents an opportunity to share things about themselves online. A lot of the other agencies don’t really give their REALTORS® the chance to reach out to potential clients the way Clarence and Brian do here.


Why thank you for that compliment. We try to do everything we can to introduce the public to our award winning team, it really helps to build a relationship between our agents and their buyers and sellers.

Well, that’s just one of things that impressed me most about Coldwell Banker Innovations.


What were some of the reasons you decided to join our team, let alone get involved in the real estate business?


 Actually, it’s no surprise at all that I chose to become an agent and it’s even less of a shock that I chose CBI. My grandmother is Rose Greenawalt


Is that right? She’s been a treasured agent here for as long as we can remember!

Oh, yes, and she’s enlisted me to help her for quite some time, making sure all of her buyers and sellers expectations are exceeded. She really understands how to ensure her clients are happy. With that being said, you can imagine I’ve been considering a career in real estate for quite some time.


We bet you learned a great deal from Rose.

Are you kidding? She’s like a walking industry encyclopedia! You know, it’s funny, I have to share this story with you, it’s almost scary! I would help her out in my free time by gathering appraisals and comps (comparison pricing on similar houses that have sold) and even before I had the address written down, she would tell me “I think this home is going to sell at this amount” or “We need to list this property correctly right out of the gate. I’m going to recommend a listing price of this.” Wouldn’t you know it, after all of my research, if she didn’t predict the exact price or within a couple thousand every single time? Amazing!


 She’s got the gift, that’s for sure!


Definitely! And I’ve seen how happy she is being an agent, specifically with CBI, that it just kind of becomes infectious, you know? I mean, I have one of the greatest resources available to me, my grandmother, and the opportunity to work for the area’s leading real estate agency, it’s just like I was destined to become a full-time agent myself.


Short of your grandmother being part of the team, are there any other reasons you decided to work with Coldwell Banker Innovations?

Sure, probably too many to list, but I have to say I’ve never been involved with a more nurturing group of people in my career. Not only are they able to help new agents get on their feet, everyone here actually wants to see you succeed. It’s more like a family than a sales team, really. I know it might sound a bit cliche, but everyone really goes that extra mile to help each other. And when it comes to servicing their clients, I honestly can’t put into words how involved everyone at CBI goes above and beyond. I’m flattered to say I work with such a phenomenal group of people.


That’s a great compliment to everyone involved. Being that you’ve worked for your grandmother for so long, and you’re now an agent yourself, do you have any advice for new agents just getting into the industry?

I do. One of the most important things to learn is patience. Whether you’re representing a seller or a buyer, It’s not about rushing into an offer. The most satisfaction I’ve seen from clients is when both sides of the closing table are thrilled with their experience. Get to know your clients as people first.  If you’re in it for the commission check, you’re not being true to the customer.


Email David at or call 301.745.1520.