Coldwell Banker Innovations is pleased to introduce one of our newest agents Irina Kline. We had a few minutes to sit down with Irina and found her path to being a agent truly fascinating. Born in Russia, and coming to America in the spring of 2000, Irina brings a unique perspective to helping buyers and sellers with all of their real estate needs.


Hi Irina! Thanks for taking some time to share your story with our CBI readers.


Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I’m afraid my story isn’t quite as interesting as you may be expecting.


Well, it’s not every day we get to introduce an agent who has lived over half their life in a foreign country. You’ve been here in the Frederick area for over 15 years now. How does it compare to growing up in Russia?


There are differences, certainly. Did you know in Russia there is no licensing requirement to help others buy or sell homes?


No, actually. How did the home selling process work there?


There were still real estate agents, and they were very good at helping sellers and buyers, but in Russia the buyer would pay a commission to whoever was helping the homeowner sell their house. Total Commission is around 2-3%. Also , this winter I had an experience of working with banks and real estate agents in Spain. That was quite different, too. Spain doesn’t have licensed Real estate agents as well. But they have the same system as in the USA; sellers pay 5-6% Commission to agents .


I see. So when you lived in Russia were you a real estate agent?


No, I earned my real estate license here over 10 years ago and let it expire during the recession. But , I really like Real estate : buying, selling , renting , renovating… so I decided to get my license again. In Russia I did other things.


Such as?


After college, where I earned a metallurgical engineering degree, I worked as an engineer for 5 years . I always had a passion for math and analysis, so I decided to change my carrier and then worked for 15 years in finance and accounting. It was before and after the Soviet Union collapsed. That was a very interesting and exciting time for business and people, but at the same time it was not easy.


Really? Now that’s quite a bit different than what you’re doing now.


It was, but I would like to make people happy by  helping them to find new homes . There was also a time when I earned a degree in business and studied for my medical degree.


In Russia?


No, here in Maryland. It was challenging as I had to learn English, but once I commit myself to something I always follow through. So, after I got my medical degree at UMBC,  I worked as a Cardiac Sonographer in a private practice in Frederick for 7 years. I have now decided to go part time and follow my interest in real estate.


See? You truly are a very interesting person!


You think so? I simply try to do my best in anything I do. I like to help others if I can.


So what do you enjoy most about being a real estate agent?


Honestly, I do have a specialty; at least I like to think I do. I have the ability to look at properties and see the potential that is just waiting there. In fact, I have done this for myself with homes in Spain, Florida and Maryland. Actually , my dream is , when my husband retires and we can move out of the area, to own big bed and breakfast. But for that I want to find a nice old house and renovate it. Also, I hope to help with real estate needs of our Russian population. I know for myself, if I’m looking for real estate in different areas, I always try to find an Agent who previously lived in Russia or any republics of the Soviet Union . It doesn’t really matter where. When we lived in the Soviet Union we never divided  ourselves by nationality. Even now in the USA , I still have friends from all over the former Soviet Union.   In my opinion we can help each other better because we can understated our needs and of course your home language is always helpful!


Purchasing houses and then remodeling them?


Yes, it is very rewarding to do this. I like to do this to help others as well. If any of our readers are interested in finding homes to purchase that can be remodeled into something truly amazing I hope they will contact me.


Sounds like a good idea! How should they reach you, Irinia?


Either by emailing or calling me directly at 240.625.8801.


Thanks again for stopping by to talk with us!