Selling or buying a home can definitely be challenging, stress inducing and, yes, complicated. Attempting either undertaking without the help of skilled real estate professional is kind of like trying to play golf with zero practice and expecting to hit a hole-in-one; you could get lucky, but it’s not really likely! So, how do you select the right real estate agent to help you find that dream house or sell your current home? We’re glad you asked! In order to find the perfect match, you’re going to have to do your homework. It’s ok, we have a handy checklist detailing exactly what to look for!


Ask Friends, Family & Neighbors For Their Input

Certainly several of your closest friends, family and even your next door neighbor would love to get together for a little chat, especially when you mention you value their opinion and would like some advice. Ask them what real estate company they have used in the pass, which specific REALTOR® and what their experience was like. Be prepared to hear a variety of answers; some may gladly sing the praises of their favorite real estate agent while others may provide less than glowing reviews.  Often, if your friend, aunt or pal that lives down the street was thrilled by the service they received they just might call the agent right there on the spot and provide a spontaneous introduction.


Without A Doubt, Study Your Agent’s Current Listings

Most buyers begin their search for a new home online. Does the agent you are considering have a variety of listings easy found on the internet? Do they have an online presence on various social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest? Maybe they even have a personal online blog or a company blog where you can review their past awards, accolades and even candid interviews. How closely does their current listings match the home your dreaming of or the property you want to sell?


Look Into Your Potential Agent’s Licensing

It’s totally ok—and expected—to look up your state’s regulatory body, find the agents you are vetting and investigate their history. It is fairly easy to discover if an agent has any disciplinary actions or complaints filed against them. Although this is very rare, there are agents who don’t have a pristine record. If you do find that one of the agents you were considering does have some past black marks on their file, you do have the right to ask them about the incident before ruling them out entirely. Consider this exercise in the same way a business checks references on a potential new hire. You’re the business and your agent is interested in working for you.


Have Your Choices Narrowed Down? Invite Your Agent To An Interview

Now is the time to schedule individual meetings with the agents that have really gained your interest. Invite them out for coffee or ask if you can stop in and see them at a mutually convenient time. You may just find that they will even offer to come to your house for this personal, face-to-face conversation. The tone of your discussion will be friendly and casual, but it is a good idea to have a few questions prepared so the conversation stays on course.


What Does Your Instinct Tell You?

Ok, so you’ve gotten the recommendations of your friends, you performed your due diligence both online and with your state’s licensing board, and you’ve even got to meet your potential agents in person—now what? This is actually the most difficult part of the process; it’s time to make your decision. Who impressed you the most? Did you find yourself more comfortable with one particular candidate over the others? Most importantly, what does your gut tell you? Remember, whether you’re buying or selling, this is going to be marathon, not a sprint. Which agent do you feel will represent you best throughout the process?


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