‘Twas the night before Christmas, and we listed our home.
Transferred to Ohio, the city of Rome.
The promotion was solid, no reason to fear,
But I had to start work at the first of the year!


My wife had mentioned just a day or two prior
A well-seasoned agent we certainly must hire!”
I called up my neighbor, one Mr. Brown
He suggestedColdwell Banker, here in Hagerstown.


I was a bit worried, concerns filled my head
“Who buys during winter?” I wondered with dread.
We spoke with Kevin, so cheery and nice.
He laid out his thoughts, some very sound advice. 


“When selling your home, regardless the reason
we make it pain-free, even in Holiday Season!
The first thing to do is set the right price,
I leave absolutely nothing to the roll of the dice!” 


Photos were taken, online did they go
Our yard looked so cozy, all covered with snow!
Would we get any showings, this late in December?
When did we buy our house? I can’t quite remember… 


My thoughts were soon broken, the ring of my phone.
A nice Coldwell member, with the sweet name of Joan.
“Kevin has scheduled a showing for you,
buyers are stopping by just after two!” 


We were thrilled and excited, shocked and surprised.
We were told not to worry, Kevin initially advised.
To grab a bite we went, a nice pizza slice.
When Kevin did call, “They offered your price!”  


My wife smiled at me, overcome with joy!
But now we must pack, and then close…oh boy.
CBI made it easy, so simple and fast.
I wished our relationship with them so could last. 


A home now to find, in our brand new state.
Was also quite simple, that Kevin, he’s great!
He put us in touch with a localColdwell good friend.

Within just one week, our search came to an end!


Now we are living in the house of our dreams.
Buying and selling in winter? Not as hard as it seems!
Just find yourself a sincere trusted friend,
And your house hunting days will soon come to an end!



Happy Holidays From Coldwell Banker Innovations!