So theres been a lot of talk recently regarding energy saving appliances that have been certified by Energy star.  One important thing to remember when considering such appliances is that they will not pay for themselves immediately, but they definitely will over time.  For instance, if you were to purchase an energy star certified washer, it will save you ½ the water, and 1/3 of the energy.  In more practical, statistical terms, that plays out like this:

“On average, a new ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer uses 270 kwh of electricity and costs $60 to run, each year,” says the Energy Star site.

For areas that need to conserve water, these appliance upgrades are a real blessing. According to, “A full-sized ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer uses 14 gallons of water per load, compared to the 27 gallons used by a standard machine. That’s 50 percent less water, per load. Over the machine’s lifetime, that’s a savings of 43,000 gallons of water!!”

What about some of your other favorite appliances? Old fridges are notorious energy drains. If you have a fridge from the 1980’s, replacing it will save you $100 a year in utility bills. If you have an even more ancient model, say from the 1970’s, you could save $200 a year just by replacing it!

Pre-1994 dishwashers are also sapping away at energy. Replace one of these old models and you’ll save another $40 a year.

Finally, while clothes dryers don’t carry the label of “Energy Star” you can find newer models that boast moisture sensors which can help your dryer shut off when clothes are dry instead of continuing to run.