Although she’s busy helping clients finding their dream home, new Coldwell Banker Innovations’ agent Robin Wivell was kind enough to carve out a few minutes of her time to talk with us! Find out more about the latest addition to the CBI team!


Hey Robin, welcome to the CBI Family!

Thank you! It really is a family, isn’t it?


We like to think so! It’s just one of the many reasons Coldwell Banker Innovations is so unique.

Oh, I totally agree. In fact, in my past experience purchasing an investment property, along with my husband, we were always so impressed with the CBI agents we’ve come into contact with. Prior to earning my Maryland and Pennsylvania real estate license, I got to know both Dee Miles and Jeanie Pino very well. The way they both went out of their way, and continue to do so, is just amazing!


Well, let’s talk about that, your past experience buying properties.

Sure! Oh, it must have been ten years ago now, my husband and I purchased our first investment property and, well, that one took us to the next one, then the next and pretty soon we found we both had a knack for it! Then friends of ours started asking for opinions when they were looking to purchase new homes.


Ah, owning a home, the American Dream!

You know, it really is! Being a homeowner is so rewarding, and I discovered that I really loved helping others experience their dream. Yes, the American Dream is alive and well in Washington County! So, yes, I just started helping others look for properties and then finally decided, hey, I should get my license and actually take this to the next level, you know, make a career out of helping people find the right home, the right fit, for them.


But you do list houses as well?

Oh, absolutely! Selling is just the different side of the same coin! You know, it’s just as rewarding helping someone sell a property as well. It may sound clichéd, but I just really like helping people!


So why Coldwell Banker Innovations?

Well, I mentioned my experience with Jeanie and Dee, but they kept mentioning how pleased they were working with CBI, specifically Clarence (Horst). They talked so highly of him that I was compelled to do my own homework and I have to say, not only is he an ethical broker, he is truly one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. His moral compass is always pointing true north, I mean, he not only talks about giving back to the community but actually does it, both financially and via his time. I knew I wanted to be part of an organization that has a leader like Clarence at the helm.


Very impressive! We’re sure he will be flattered.

I don’t think he gets flattered. He’s very humble. That’s the right word to describe the entire CBI team—humble. Everyone is so eager to help everyone else; there are no egos here, which is really refreshing and rare.


That’s a glowing review for CBI. How would your clients describe you?

Really? Don’t you think you should ask them?


They’re not here!

Wow…ok, let me see. Honest. I’m very determined to get my clients what they want…Unselfish. If anyone needs to reach me they can rest assured they will. I don’t know! It’s hard to describe yourself!


Well, we would like to add gracious and humble as well! Thank you for making time to chat with us!

It’s been my pleasure! Am I off the hot seat now?


If you’re looking to purchase your dream house or need to list a property, please feel free to contact Robin by calling 301.331.2795 or emailing her directly at