When buying or selling real estate in Hagerstown MD or Frederick MD, it’s important to have an experienced, trustworthy real estate agent on your team. Your realtor can help you set or find the best price, market your home professionally, and act on your behalf to save you both time and stress. In our new “Get to Know a Realtor” series, we’ll spotlight a Coldwell Banker real estate agent each month to help you find the one who can best meet your needs. This month, get to know Chris Horn.

 How long have you worked with Coldwell Banker Innovations?

 12 years next month

 What’s the most gratifying part of your job?

 Helping buyers and sellers get what they need, whether it’s the most money we can get for a seller with the best terms or helping buyers get into the house they want under their terms. I have never had an unhappy settlement. The clients are most appreciative, and that is what makes the job all worth it at the end of the day.

 What are the most popular features buyers want today?

 Most buyers I come across like updated homes or new ones with little or no renovations needed. Kitchens are important as well as multiple bathrooms and a nice master bedroom suite. The kitchen is very popular as not only a place to make food but also a “hangout” or entertaining area. It’s also a place where multiple family members or friends can do different things in the same area and still be together.

 What’s the most important real estate lesson you’ve learned?

 Always stay focused, and let buyers and sellers make the decisions with the best information I can give them.

 What’s a little-known fact about you?

Prior to becoming a Realtor, I worked for a local contractor for 14 years and have done every major aspect of construction, except for electrical and plumbing.

 What advice do you have for homebuyers and sellers?

 Definitely find a realtor you trust who is in the market daily — one with vast experience to help their clients, whatever their needs be. The realtor should respond in a timely manner and with the respect and care the client deserves.

 What do you love most about living and working in the Hagerstown-Frederick area?

 I enjoy this area due to the fact it is close to major cities, relatively close to the beach, and people here are great. All of the different seasons make it a great place as well. We have and can obtain reasonable access to many things. I have been a resident of the area for 36 years, so that should say something, too!

 Check back for more Get to Know a Realtor Q&As coming soon.