Today we will get to know a bit more about one of the newest members of the Coldwell Banker Innovations team, Kim Mozick. This talented agent has some very interesting stories to tell including how her prior career helps benefit her current clients, the potential for her daughter to follow in her real estate footsteps and even how she helped a couple from Maine receive a great deal of money nearly out of the blue!


Kim, you’re really hard to pin down!

I know, I’m sorry. You’ve been asking to sit down with me for weeks now, things have just been so busy!


As we say in real estate, busy is good, right?

That’s exactly how I like it!


Well, I’m glad we could finally get together. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from both buyers and sellers regarding these blog interviews. Our clients really seem to enjoy getting to know everyone on the CBI Team.

Great! I’m happy to be involved! So where should we start?


Why not at the beginning? How did you get involved in the fascinating world of real estate?

Let’s see…unofficially, when I was a little girl I watched my grandmother buy and sell a lot of property. I have to admit, I was fascinated with the way she thought, she always had a really sharp mind for business. We spoke several times about whether I should become an agent, and her advice to me was “follow your heart, you’ll do what you’re supposed to do”. I think about that quite a bit actually.


So did you always heed her advice? Do you think you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing?

Absolutely, but it took me some time to get to this point.  I actually started training for my certification in 2003, earning my Maryland license, then went right into studying for the West Virginia examination about a year or so later. Unfortunately, I had to postpone things for a bit as I moved out of state to take care of a family member in 2007. In fact, prior to real estate, and for a period of that time, I was also a full-time registered nurse.


Now that’s really interesting, going from being an RN to an agent. It’s always fascinating to discover how our current team members came to work in real estate. There have been so many unique paths REALTORS® have taken en route to working in the business.

But you know what, I’ll tell you this—I wouldn’t trade any of my experience as a nurse, it’s been so helpful now that I’m an agent.


How so?

I’m a natural caregiver, and I’ve found out that those protective, attentive tendencies have really carried over to how I represent my clients. In the medical field, nurses are often the first advocate for their patients. In our business, it’s so important to advocate for your sellers and buyers. There’s really quite a lot of similarities.


I can totally see that, sure. Ok, so we like to ask this next question to everyone that sits down with us. Ready?



What is your most memorable experience as an agent?

Well, every day’s an experience, but I recently told this story to a friend. I think this was back in 2004, maybe 2005, but anyway, I was selling a lot of homes on this one specific road in Boonsboro. Like any agent would, I sent postcards to everyone who owned property on that road asking if they were interested in talking with me about selling or buying. One of the landowners was a couple who owned an empty lot on this road but were now retired and living in Maine. Wouldn’t you know it, I received a reply from them. They were curious as to what I thought the value of their empty lot in Boonsboro might be worth.  It turns out I was able to get their property sold in under two months and they made quite a bit of money, much more than they ever expected. It was such a fun experience and I was so happy to help them. They were so thrilled!


That is an amazing story!

Just one of many!


So why did you decide to join the CBI Team?

Without a doubt, CBI is a first-class operation. Everyone on the team is so helpful and truly cares about each other, even helping out with buyers and sellers that aren’t their own clients. I hope I’m explaining that correctly. You can tell immediately how important excellent customer service is here. Plus, it’s really amazing that Clarence (Horst) is so involved in the community. He really cares about people and it shows.


What’s next for Kim Mozick?

Short term, to help as many clients as possible buy their dream home or sell their current home at the best price possible. Long term, to convince my daughter to look into a career in real estate. She’s almost there, and I would love the opportunity to teach her what I’ve learned.


And of course, you would highly recommend she works with Coldwell Banker Innovations?



If you would like to speak with Kim about purchasing a home or listing your current property, please call her directly at 301.988.1268 or via email at