Psst…Hey, you, over there. Yes, you, the one speaking with their spouse about possibly listing your home. Hi. We didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but we couldn’t stand by letting you go down the rabbit hole of home selling all alone. There are tons to learn when it comes to selling a home, but we’ve got you covered. Our agents have sold their share of houses—wouldn’t it make sense to gather their all their advice, boil it down into easy to follow steps and present in one convenient location?  That’s just we’ve done, so before you break out in a cold sweat mulling over everything involved with selling a home, take a few minutes to review these five simple steps you absolutely need to consider before selling your home.


Get Yourself A Seasoned Real Estate Agent

Wait! Before you start telling us how it can’t be that difficult to sell a home on your own, and how you don’t want to share any of the proceeds from the sale with anyone other than your family members, ask yourself this question.  Do you want to sell your house quickly, easily and at the right price? Without the guidance of real estate professional, you may be able to achieve one of those three requirements, but only in the rarest instances all of them. Do you know how to properly price your home? How much time do have each day to properly market your house? And did we mention all the education you’ll need in order to ensure you’re accepting the best offer while avoiding all the land mines that could possibly rear their ugly heads prior to closing? Trust us on this one—even if you don’t choose one of CBI’s award winning agents to help you sell your home—find yourself a qualified REALTOR®.


Heed Your Agent’s Advice, Especially Concerning Pricing

Now that you’ve selected an agent, it’s time to pepper them with questions and actually pay close attention to their advice. Perhaps the biggest mistake sellers make is overvaluing the price of their property.  It’s a misconception that agents want to list your home as low as possible in order for it to sell quickly. Every real estate professional will tell you when they agree to help you sell your home they have a fiduciary commitment to look out for your best interests—always. They know what comparable homes have sold for in your neighborhood, as well as being equipped with a true understanding of your house’s actual worth. It’s common for sellers to have unrealistic expectations regarding the value of their home, and, sometimes, totally underestimating it’s worth. Your agent is there to guide you to a realistic pricing structure. You don’t have to agree with their recommendations, but it’s important to be open minded regarding their rationale. Remember, your agent works for you. Every Coldwell Banker Innovations team member is dedicated to ensuring you're satisfied through the entire sales process.


Get Your Home Ready For Eager Buyers

You’ve likely heard this several times before, and for good reason, The time to get your home prepared for viewings is before the listing actually goes public. The last thing you want is to put off decluttering the closets, changing those burned-out chandelier light bulbs and cleaning the carpets only to be surprised that three buyers just saw your home come on the market—and they want to see it today! Discuss with your agent the date you would like to see your listing appear online, in the paper or on social media. Make that your drop dead to have your home looking it’s best!


Invest In Selling Your Home, But Don’t Over-Invest

Definitely, create a “honey do” list and make sure it gets done! Spackle those drywall dings, fix that leaky faucet in the powder room and apply a fresh coat of paint.  Your agent will be able to advise what repairs should be made, investments you will easily be able to recoup in the sale. If you’re worried that your kitchen is outdated and may limit your audience, ask your REALTOR® if it makes financial sense to finally get it done. In some instances, certain remodeling work may be the right call. Remember, your agent can provide you with valuable guidance, ensuring you don’t spend money that you don’t really need to.


Like A Boy Scout, Always Be Prepared

It’s important to understand when you’re house is listed you must always be prepared to get out of Dodge! Create a plan in advance enabling you to easily and quickly vacate the home as soon as your agent tells you a showing is scheduled. The majority of the time visits will be scheduled well in advance, but ask anyone who has sold a house and they will tell you to expect the unexpected. Have a location where you take the pets, the kids and, if necessary, the laundry all at the drop of a hat! Yes, no one wants to live with the pressure of hearing the phone ring and wondering if it’s a buyer who wants to stop by in five minutes, but the last thing you want to do is deny a viewing—it could be the client that wants to make a full price offer!


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