You remember those emotions, don’t you? The anticipation. That warm, fuzzy feeling that just forced you to smile without even realizing it. The unmistakable sensation of walking on clouds. Ah, to be in love! But what if you could feel the same way about your career as you do your significant other? 

Is A Career In Real Estate The Right Match For You?

Ask any of our Coldwell Banker Innovations team members and they will tell you how much they love their career. It’s possible for you to experience the same thrill this talented bunch experiences on a daily basis. Is a career in real estate right for you? Let’s take a look at all the unique benefits available when you decide to work with us! 

Coldwell Banker Innovations: The Area’s Real Estate Leader

For five years in a row, Coldwell Banker Innovations was selected as the Number One Independently Owned Coldwell Banker in Maryland. Deciding to be part of this exceptional team places you in some very good company! You’ll be working alongside the Number One Sales Associate in Maryland and be partnered with the staff that has earned the Number One Market Share in Washington County. With a solid family of seasoned Realtors® behind you, your career is ready for the path to serious success!

There Is Always A Need For Committed Real Estate Agents

Contrary to what you may have heard, homes are being purchased and sold every day across the country. A wide variety of clients is in need of the services only a true real estate professional can provide. From families looking to buy a larger house to savvy entrepreneurs searching for investment properties—and every persona in between—buyers rely on the advice of our agents. New sellers are looking for assistance on a daily basis to help them list their properties quickly, easily and at the right price.


Unlimited Potential On Your Earnings As A Real Estate Agent

Working as a Real Estate agent is literally one of the only career paths that offer unlimited financial opportunities. The more homes you sell for clients, coupled with the more buyers you help find their dream home, equates to more money in your pocket—the sky really is the limit! Can you say the same thing about your current position?


Make Your Own Hours, Make Your Own Decisions

Banker’s Hours? 9:00-5:00? Graveyard Shift? All things of the past when working as a Real Estate agent! You are empowered to decide when you work and when you don’t. Some agents prefer to work every other day while others log over 80 hours a week with taking no days off! You truly are your own boss, which makes a career in Real Estate ideal for those who want to supplement income from their current job.


Perks Available When Working With Coldwell Banker Innovations

We believe in helping you exceed all of your expectations, that’s why we offer continuous training, the latest innovations in technology and marketing services for all our agents! We also provide free car wrapping to help you gain local exposure.


Curious to learn more? Contact us by calling 301.745.1500 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions about starting your exciting career in Real Estate!