Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations, we understand moving from one residence to another can often be stressful—but it doesn’t have to be! With proper planning, a bit of advice, and a dash of luck, moving can even be more like a fun adventure rather than a nail-biting experience.  In this series we will offer you some handy tips, tricks and techniques to help you plan the smoothest transition from one home to another.  The first topic we’re going to tackle involves the burning question “Should I Use A Moving Company Or Do It Myself?’ Let’s get down to it!

Hire A Moving Company Or Do It Yourself?

A perfectly legitimate question, don’t you think? The answer, on the other hand, depends on a wide variety of criteria!

If you’re currently living in large home, and have accumulated several rooms of furniture and household items, hiring a moving company just may be the best choice. For those of you who are moving into a larger home from a rental or apartment, it may be wise to enlist the help of friends and family members to help load that moving truck!

Isn’t Using A Moving Service Expensive?

Again, that depends. There are several moving companies to choose from, and just like any other major purchase, it’s advisable to perform a price comparison. Often, you’ll discover that rates between services are very comparable, but that doesn’t mean they all offer the same customer service.

When accumulating quotes, make certain to ask specifically what the rates provided will and will not cover. Some companies will include packing your belongings into boxes while others require you perform all of the packaging yourself, even including the expense of acquiring shipping boxes.  You will also want to take the time to specifically show the moving representative any heavy furniture in advance so there are no surprises on moving day!

Always be certain to get your proposal in writing and, equally as important, ask for references. If any professional moving company isn’t able to provide you with testimonials or contact numbers of recent customers, you’ll want to move on to the next name on your list!

Oh, and don’t forget—after the last box has been placed in your new home, you’ll want to offer those strong moving employees a gratuity; a little walking around cash to let them know how satisfied you are with their quality service.

Do It Yourself Moving

Many new homeowners decide to move their belongings into their residence without the help of professionals. Usually, this is in an attempt to save money—after all, the purchase of a new home often doesn’t provide much readily available disposable income!

Renting a moving truck is definitely a cheaper alternative than using a moving service, just make certain you have a list of reliable friends who don’t mind sacrificing a day to help haul all of your belongings between residences.  Also, keep in mind, there are more expenses involved than just the lease of the vehicle and a full tank of gas upon return! You’re going to want to thank those who took the time to help you with the move, including springing for a hearty lunch, snacks and beverages. It’s also a good idea to purchase your close knit team of movers with a special thank you gift, such as a gift card or tickets to sporting event, to show your appreciation for their efforts.

So, which decision is right for you? Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to take a look at all of those belongings you’ve accumulated throughout the years. Next time we will offer some advice on how to declutter before moving day arrives!

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