In the sometimes complicated world of real estate Coldwell Banker Innovations is always available to help buyers and sellers ensure they have a positive experience. We’re proud to have a variety of award winning teams under the CBI banner, but every once in awhile, when the stars line up just right, and two like-minded professionals happen to meet by chance, something really special takes place…sort of like what occurred when Elaine Spies met Flo Wise.


Good Morning, Ladies! Thank you both for stopping by. We think our local homebuyers and sellers will be really interested in hearing how the two of you decided to work together, even though it’s not in an official team capacity. The two of you come across as being long-time friends, but in fact you’ve only met each other just two years ago, is that right?


Flo: Well, that’s part of the story, but yes it wasn’t that long ago. We first met when Elaine  joined CBI in 2014 from a long career in sales.


Elaine: The past 10 years were in pharmaceutical sales, and I really loved that as well. Selling homes and helping buyers find their perfect dream house is incredibly fulfilling, too, in a different way. I guess you could say I just truly enjoy helping people.


Flo: I was walking through the office and heard Elaine speaking to a client on the phone.  I was impressed! I know it sounds a bit silly, but the manner in which she was handling this phone call really made me stand up and take notice.


Elaine: Flo made a point of seeking me out to tell me that, which really put a spring in my step. Being new in real estate you get concerned that years of selling other products wouldn’t really help much. Flo’s comment boosted my confidence!


Flo: We started spending more time together. I see so much of my sales style in  Elaine. She is comfortable with her clients and I’ve never seen someone so dedicated. 


Elaine: Flo has been instrumental in helping me with ideas and how to handle specific scenarios.  I had a historic property for sale and she gave me some excellent ideas about how to market it.  She is like the Google for area real estate.


Flo: Even though I’ve been in the business for 30 years,  I’ve learned  a lot from Elaine, particularly on how to do some things on the computer more efficiently.


This sounds like you two are really meant to work together.


Flo: In all my time in real estate I’ve never worked in an official team capacity. I’ve just always been more comfortable working as my own agent. And keep in mind, Elaine and I aren’t an official team.


Elaine: We like to think of it as two like-minded agents who have each other’s backs.


Flo: Right! For instance, we’re comfortable referring each other to our clients when the circumstances benefit doing so.


Elaine: Flo knows she can count on me when she’s out of town to step in and provide coverage for her listings.


Flo: Yes….it’s just really nice working with each other! It’s kind of like fate. We are a “partnership in progress”.


So it’s safe to say both of you have mutually benefited from knowing each other.


Flo: Absolutely! One project we plan on doing is a joint newsletter to a select neighborhood or two. Elaine has been doing one in her neighborhood and always gets such positive feedback.


Well, thank you both for sharing your story with our CBI readers. It’s great to see two talented agents like yourselves working together to help our clients ensure they have the best selling and home buying experience as possible.


Flo: We do it because we love it!


Are you interested in listing your home? Considering purchasing a new home? You can contact Elaine at 301.745.1661 or Flo at 301.745.1504.