Thanks for stopping in again! We hope you’re finding our ongoing series regarding your big move helpful! In the first installment we discussed whether you needed to hire a moving company or it made more sense to handle things yourself. Next, we provided some simple decluttering tips intended to make your move that much easier. This week we’re going to present a handy checklist of due diligence you may want to take care of in the weeks leading up to Moving Day. Ready?

Contact Your New Utility Providers

It’s important to contact all of your utility providers at least two weeks prior to moving, not only to begin service at your new home but to ensure billing stops at your current location.  Is your new home wired for cable television or does it come equipped with a satellite dish? It’s possible the electric provider you’ve used for years doesn’t service your new area, which is something you will want to find out sooner rather than later. Is sewage included in your water bill? What day of the week is garbage collected at the new home?

All of these questions may seem trivial, but believe us, when your children want to watch Spongebob before turning in for that first night at the new house, the last thing you will want to do is explain to them there won’t be any television until the technician can come out “sometime next week”! It’s a great idea to make a list of all of your current utility providers, including account numbers, setting aside a specific time to call them. Most service companies are used to customers transferring their services, often able to disconnect service at your current residence while ensuring you’re all set at your new home.

Meet Your New Neighbors

We know you’re curious about your new neighbors, but can we let you in on a secret? They’re even more curious about you! Even if you’re certain you’ve crossed all your “t”s and dotted all your “i”s, moving day can still provided some stressful surprises, and we all know stress isn’t conducive to making a good first impression.  Why not set aside a few hours at least a week before the move to knock on some doors? Bring your family and introduce yourself to as many of your new neighbors as possible. They will appreciate the courtesy and you never know, they just might show up and provide some muscle on moving day!

Visit The School

If you have children, you already know they may feel a little insecure about the big move. It’s important to understand they are leaving neighborhood friends and classmates behind, which can cause anxious feelings about this new adventure. Contact the local schools district, even during the summer when school is not in session, and ask if you can visit with your children for a guided tour. This will go a long way to helping your students, regardless of age, feel more secure about move.

Research Local Restaurants, Grocery Stores & Care Providers

It’s always wise to investigate the variety of retail stores, businesses, doctor’s offices and even hospital in the vicinity of your new home. When meeting with your neighbors, feel free to ask them for their advice regarding the best priced grocery store in the neighborhood or where they like to go for Sunday brunch.  In most cases, members of your new community will be more than happy to share their experiences, eager to refer new clients to the businesses and services they have been patronizing for years.

Understand The Layout Of Streets & Highways

Schedule some time for a leisurely drive throughout your new community. Understand all of the side streets, major thoroughfares and speed limits in order to prevent any delays when traveling after you’ve moved in.  You may even discover some convenient shortcuts to your home in advance of the move which normally you may have never considered!


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