Wow! Where did the past year go? It’s almost 2015 and if you’re anything like us it almost seems like we time traveled through all of the previous years! Looking back, we had some really great discussions in our blog articles, touching on a wide range of topics to help clients buy and sell homes. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to select the ten best articles of 2014 based on your comments.

The Top Ten Coldwell Banker Innovations Articles Of 2014: A Year In Review

#10 Want To Sell Your Home Quickly, Easily & At The Right Price?

Late September we published this informative article, detailing some very specific tips on selling your home the right way. If you plan on listing your property after the New Year, you owe it to yourself to give this blog a good read!

 #9 Why Isn’t My FSBO Home Selling?

There was so much valuable information regarding this topic we had to break it down into two parts! Selling a home yourself is never easy and very often works out as planned.

 #8 Our Agents Love Being Part Of The Team

Thinking of a career in real estate? Fire up this video blog again to discover why our agents are so happy being part of the Coldwell Banker Innovations team.

 #7 A Spooky Halloween Story

Thanks to CBI agent Kevin O’Leary for this creepy story first published in October. Come on…who hasn’t asked a Realtor® if they’ve ever had an experience with a haunted house?

 #6 Safety Tips For Real Estate Agents

Unfortunately, there were some tragic crimes committed nationwide this past year, which prompted this two-part article. Here at CBI, we take the safety of our agents, buyers, and sellers very seriously.

 #5 What Exactly Is A Stigmatized Property?

Here’s another informative post that appeared in the days leading up to Halloween. Many homebuyers have a very limited understanding of what denotes a stigmatized property. We did a pretty good job of clearing this category up, even if we must say so ourselves!

 #4 Who Wouldn’t Want The Strength Of The Industry Leader Behind You?

This article from August received quite a bit of attention! A sincere “thank you” goes out to all of our clients for choosing Coldwell Banker Innovations.

 #3 A Coldwell Banker Holiday Story

A funny little holiday poem detailing one family’s house selling, and buying, experience over Christmas.

 #2 Waiting Until After The Holidays To Sell Your Home? Think Again!

Surprisingly, this blog post detailing the benefits of listing your home during the winter months sparked quite a bit of interest from homeowners who were waiting until the spring to sell. We’re happy to have helped readers understand why selling during the holidays is actually a very good idea!

 #1 A Special Thank You To The Greencastle Community!

CBI was proud to open a new office in the charming town of Greencastle, PA late last summer. This special letter written by Clarence & Brian helped convey how appreciative everyone at Coldwell Banker Innovations is with the warm welcome from the community. Once again, Thank You Greencastle!

 Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2015!