Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations, we get mail—lots of it! Frequently, we receive questions from our readers, buyers and sellers involving all kinds of real estate inquires, some through our email form, others via snail mail and even some direct phone calls. Believe it or not, we’ve even received questions through our fax line! Regardless of how our valuable customers pose the questions, we strive to provide the most detailed, helpful answers possible. Join us this week as we open our mailbag and take a look at some recent questions and our experienced advice.


When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Home?

Q: I’ve been trying to convince my wife now is the time to list our house, but she’s not convinced. What do you think?


A: You would think we could have picked an easier question to start off with! Well, getting right down to it, there are many things one must consider before listing their home. The decision to sell your home is something that requires a great deal of weighing the pros and cons. We addressed this exact topic recently; we suggest you and your wife read our thoughts on the subject then have a long conversation regarding what you’ve learned.


Purchasing A Home After A Job Loss

Q: After 20 years with the same company I was downsized in early 2012. Unfortunately, the job market in my area is anemic at best and I was forced to file for bankruptcy in late 2014. I now have a good paying position and am renting nice apartment, but I do want to purchase a home again within the next year. Is this possible?


A: The quick answer is “Yes”, it is possible to again own a home after a bankruptcy—but it’s going to take some diligence on your part. Learn what is involved by reading our informative article “Can You Purchase A Home After Bankruptcy” originally published last month.


Is House Flipping Really As Easy As It Looks On Television?

Q: My husband I keep hearing the radio ads about a “house flipping” seminar and we were curious if we could really make a living doing this. We DVR all of the house flipping shows on cable and they make it look so easy. Is this just a pipe dream or can we really make serious money doing this?


A: Well, it is possible to see a return on your investment when purchasing and renovating homes, but it’s a lot of work! Before you quit your day job we suggest reviewing our detailed advice on flipping a home.


Can Holding An Open House Really Help Sell Your Home?

Q: I’m writing because I’m a bit frustrated with my selling agent and I’m considering re-listing with Coldwell Banker Innovations. My biggest problem is that she doesn’t feel hosting an open house is a viable means to sell my home. I don’t agree with her thought process and told her so. What do you think?


A: Open houses are great when they lead to a sale, but the harsh reality is there is no guarantee it will work. It is, however, an amazing strategy to gain exposure for your property, which may lead to an interested buyer. One of our agents held an open house just last weekend and the home is now under contract—to someone who attended! You can learn more about the intricacies of Open Houses in this article addressing the exact question.


Trying To List Your Home Alone Can Be Costly

Q: Help, I’m at my wit’s end and I don’t know what to do! I’ve been trying to sell my Victorian home on my own for nearly a year with almost no interest. What am I doing wrong?


A: Finally, an easy one! Would you try to replace the engine on your car without any experience? How successful do you think you would be performing a root canal if you didn’t go to dentistry school? It’s the same concept—your best bet to selling a home quickly, easily and at the right price is to partner with an experienced agent. Trying to sell your property by yourself normally leads to frustration, wasted time and, worst of all, a damaged bank account!


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