The Coldwell Banker Innovations’ team continues to grow, and we had a few moments to sit down with our latest addition, Corry Eagler. Join us as we find out why she’s so excited to help buyers and sellers, what takes up her free time and what she feels the future holds for the first time homebuyers in Greencastle.


Hello, Corry! Thanks for making time to share a bit about yourself with our loyal readers.

I’m really nervous…can you tell?


Not really, no. What can you possibly have to be nervous about? You’re so outgoing and personable.

I am, but this is like an official interview, you know? I don’t know what you’re going to ask me, and I certainly don’t know what I’m going to say!


Honestly, you’ll be fine. No tough questions, I promise, ok?

Ok, I trust you.


Here’s an easy one to start—how did you end up working as a real estate agent?

That is an easy one! I’ve always enjoyed working with people, and when it comes to staging houses, interior design, things like that, I was always told I had a good eye for that. When my kids got to be school age I realized how rewarding and flexible it is to be a real estate agent. It was a no-brainer as they say!


See? That wasn’t that bad, was it?

I’m in the zone! Give me another one!


Ok, why did you choose Coldwell Banker Innovations?

Multiple reasons, actually. Take a look around at this office for one! Have you ever seen a more amazing space?


It is quite impressive, no doubt.

That’s really just the cherry on the sundae, though. I was really attracted to how innovative CBI is. They offer incredible marketing opportunities not just for their agents, but their clients as well. Everything here is state-of-the-art, really modern, and their reputation both in Maryland and here in Greencastle is stellar. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have worked with a Coldwell Banker agent and have nothing but really positive stories to tell.


They really are a caring, professional group, aren’t they?

Definitely! I mean even when I was transitioning into the team, everyone was just so helpful. Even though I’m the new kid, so to speak, they treat me like family.


So what do you like best?



Volleyball? That wasn’t quite what I meant…

I’m sorry! I thought you meant like hobbies!


No, that’s my fault, I should have been clearer. What I meant was do you like working with sellers more or do you prefer buyers?

I told you I was nervous! Honestly, I love working with both, but I have to admit there’s something special about helping a first-time buyer find that perfect home. Here in Greencastle, there are so many beautiful, older homes that are priced perfectly for young couples just starting out. I love it when they see these incredible properties and realize that they really can afford a home of that size.


I see…let’s circle back around to that volleyball comment…

Really? Do you want to know about that?



Well, I’ve always loved playing and was even on the collegiate team at Lock Haven University years ago. Now I coach high school, middle school, and club volleyball.


That’s really cool! And Greencastle has a great school district, which I’m sure helps when it comes to finding those first-time homebuyers their ideal house.

It certainly doesn’t hurt!


Thank you so much for talking with us today, Corry, it was a pleasure.

That’s it?


Unless there’s something else you’d like to tell our readers.

Let’s see…I’m licensed in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, and if there’s anything I can do to help you list or purchase a home, please give me a call! How’s that?


Do you want to give them your phone number?


Right! You can call me at 717.895.0059 or email me at!