Hey Arlene, welcome to the CBI team!

Thanks! It’s exciting to be part of such an incredible organization!


So what’s it like being a licensed agent in Maryland?

Well, I only earned my license in April of this year, but I’ve been in the business for over six years working as a property manager.  It just kind of gets in your blood.  I realized becoming an agent was what I was meant to do.


That’s a pretty cool experience to end up in a career that you really love. What is it that you think makes you enjoy your position so much?

Without a doubt, it’s the amount of support I’ve received from Coldwell Banker Innovations.  Connie Monzingo has been a tremendous mentor. Connie is just full of knowledge and patience!  I really can’t tell you how much I Connie in regards to molding me into the agent that I’ve become.


Awesome! Shameless plug for Connie?

Connie deserve the recognition! I can’t put into words how dedicated she is to helping not only new agents like me but to helping sellers and buyers through the entire process.


If we could take a poll of your current and past clients, both currently with CBI and during your time as a property manager, what do you think they would tell us about you?

Wow….can you just ask them? (Laughs) I think they would agree that I take communication very seriously.  I will never leave my clients in the dark regarding the status of their property or where they stand on purchasing their dream home. Customers put their faith in the agent they chose; it’s our responsibility to ensure there is a constant open line of communication.  There is never a delay when it comes to keeping everyone informed. As an agent, your client is always your first priority.


Any advice for those just starting out or looking to get into the Real Estate Business?

That’s easy—find a great mentor! There’s only so much you can learn from textbooks.  Don’t get me wrong, everything an agent learns in their coursework is extremely important, but nothing compares to real-life experience.  Find a mentor and pick their brain, study how they interact with clients, pay attention to the little things and continue to evolve.  Remember, you can’t just talk about it; you have to really live by the high standards that you set.

Well said, Arlene!


To find out how Arlene can help you list your property or find that perfect home, call our Hagerstown office at 301.745.1500.