Hello again, and thanks for returning to the Coldwell Banker Innovations series “Everything You Need To Know When Moving”. Last time we discussed how to decide if you needed to hire the services of a moving company or if it made more sense to do it yourself. This week we’re going to provide some very sound advice on how to declutter before the move

Do You Really Need Everything In Your Closet?

It’s ok, you can admit it. If your like most of us you’ve accumulated a wide variety of clothing throughout the years, and chances are you were less than 50% of those blouses, shirts, and jeans.  If you have children the odds are even greater there are more ignored shorts, sneakers, and pajamas that are doing nothing but taking up space.

You really don’t want to bring clothing you or your family have no intention of ever wearing again to your new, pristine home, do you? It’s wise to gather all of these clothing items and donate to a local charitable organization such as Horizon Goodwill.  Not only will you be freeing up valuable space for your new home, you will be helping people with barriers to employment receive job training. Learn more about this amazing organization here.

Bribe Your Children, It’s Ok!

We already mentioned the quantity of your children’s old clothing that is taking up too much space, now imagine moving all of those toys you’re always asking them to clean up! It’s more than likely your children have accumulated plenty of toys through the years, many they simply have lost interest in. Now is the perfect time to convince them it’s time to downsize.

A good way to convince them to part with those neglected Legos, stuffed animals, and board games is to “make a deal”. For every bag of toys they donate to charity (toys that won’t be making the move to your new house), once you get settled they can purchase one new item. This is beneficial not only to you, as you won’t have to take up valuable space in the moving truck, but also the children as they should be thrilled by the thought of “trading up” for something new

Now Is The Time To Shred Your Documents

In 2015 it seems more and more of our families, co-workers, and friends are going paperless, which is a good thing, but what do you do with all of those documents from the past several years? Review your files and segregate what you no longer need, properly shredding those documents.  For the stack that you feel you still need to hold onto, simply scan the items and place them on a flash drive for future use. Wow! You’ve just eliminated entire boxes of paperwork, but still, have the useful information on a USB stick that can fit in your pocket!

Get Creative With Your Pantry

The last thing you want to do is bring food from your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry to your new home. Why? Well, it doesn’t make much sense to pay, whether through your valuable labor or financially to a moving company, to transport a half-empty box of Cheerios.

In the weeks leading up to the move, take stock in what food you have available and get creative with some unique recipes. When you arrive at the new home you can award your spouse and children with a trip to the grocery store, letting everyone in the family help to fill your new cupboards at your dream home!

Next time we will talk about getting to know your new neighborhood before the move!

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