A new year is a perfect time to take stock of your life by re-evaluating your goals and objectives and where you’d like to be in the coming year. When thinking New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about your home. As 2014 begins, consider a few of these resolutions to add to your list.

  1. Save Money. Taking on DIY projects around the house, refinancing your mortgage, or investing in energy-efficient features can equal more money in your pocket. Install a programmable thermostat, caulk around doors and windows to seal leaks, and consider adding better insulation to your attic.
  2. Spend More Time with Family. As homeowners, sometimes the stress of maintenance projects and daily household duties can interfere with family time. Consider spending time with your family while crossing home chores off your to-do list. This can include anything from creating a simple, backyard garden to re-painting the family rec room.
  3. Get Organized. Mail collecting on the kitchen counter, overflowing sock drawers, dishes piled in the sink — clutter is bad for both your mental and physical health. Make 2014 the year you accomplish more by making simple maintenance checklists. This will keep you motivated while providing the simple satisfaction that comes with crossing another thing off your list once it’s completed.
  4. Stress Less. Just like clutter, stress has real, physiological impacts. Relying on that handy to-do list can help ease stress at home, as can delegating some of the chores and responsibilities within your house, or making time for your favorite hobbies. Step away from your computer screen every once in a while, go to bed earlier, or take a brisk walk around your neighborhood.
  5. Do Something New. Is your living room lacking that special something? Or is your kitchen outdated and boring? It’s too easy to become complacent with your surroundings. Make 2014 the year that you finally learn or do something new at home. Learn how to do simple repairs to appliances, or make bigger renovations to better suit your needs and style at home.


As a homeowner, what’s your New Year’s resolution for 2014?