Are you looking to sell your home and increase its value? Curb appeal matters! A few quick DIY curb appeal fixes can go a long way. Plus, they don't have to be expensive. Adding just a few these extra special touches to your home's exterior will help sell your home faster and have it looking better than ever before. 

#1 Paint The Front Door

There’s even an app for this! Download the App Front Door Paint and see what colors work best in your home before making a decision. Follow the easy step-by-step process in Step 2 below when painting your door to make is easy! This is such a simple and trendy way to upgrade your home's exterior! 

 #2 Give your house numbers a font upgrade.

 The font is very important. This includes font on your home as well. Adding a different look to the address of your home will add a modern flare to your exterior helping your home stand out to potential buyers. Get these sans-serif ones on the left here.  For the decals on the right, go here.


#3 Don't just repaint - redecorate!

Bring your outside stairs to life with paint and patterns.  Click here for the step-by-step tutorial

 #4 Add Plants!

Plants make any area come alive. Placed in attractive pots, and layered on your stairs plants add a sculptural element to your porch. Plants make everyone feel a little more welcome! 


#5 Give your mailbox a makeover!

Is your mailbox noticed, or is it an eyesore? Don’t underestimate the power of a good-looking mailbox! This one even coordinates with the porch railing.


Want more tips and tricks on how to up your curb appeal? Contact one of our talented agents at Coldwell Banker Innovations today – they will tell you what you need to know to get all eyes on your homes listing when you are ready to sell!