Football season has begun, baseball season is winding down, school is in session and with the passing of Labor Day you really shouldn’t wear white. That’s right—welcome to fall!  And as the leaves start to turn, and the days get shorter, we all know that winter is rapidly approaching. Is your home prepared for what’s right around the corner? No? That’s ok, as always, Coldwell Banker Innovations is here to help!


This week we’re offering up a handy Top Ten List featuring home maintenance tips to ensure you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you over the next six months. Join us.


1.) Have Your Heat Pump Inspected By A Professional

Inspecting the state of your heat pump is something that should not be placed on your “Honey Do” list, but contacting a qualified service technician should be! Check online and in your local newspapers as now is the time when several local HVAC companies will offer special rates for pre-winter inspection.


2.) Out With The Screens

It’s wise to take all screens from your windows and store them in a secure place. For those of you who really believe in planning ahead, this is also a perfect time to inspect your screens for damage, even taking them in for repair so you’re ready to go when spring arrives.


3.) Check Your Weatherstripping

Visually inspect every entrance and egress to your home. A simple replacement of weather stripping can save you quite a bit on your utility bills, keeping warm in and bitter cold out!


4.) Change Those Batteries And Inspect That Other Thing

We should all be in the habit of checking the batteries of our smoke detectors at least once a year, but do you ever remember to inspect your fire extinguisher? Every kitchen should have one of these fire-fighting tools, usually under the sink. Check yours for an expiration date or a gauge reading, making sure if you ever need to use it, it’s good to go!


5.) Clean Your Gutters

If your comfortable enough to clean your own gutters, now is the time to do so. Over the spring and summer, leaves and debris have a knack for finding their way into your gutters, which can result in rainwater being channeled away from the downspouts. Check your local area for landscapers and handymen who will gladly clean your gutters for a nominal fee.


6.) Stay On Top Of Raking Your Leaves

It’s much easier to rake your leaves frequently than to wait until every tree in your yard is bare. Staying on top of maintaining your yard by collecting leaves more often will make certain that you don’t feel overwhelmed by procrastinating until the grass is completely covered.


7.) Not So Fast!

Before putting away your lawn equipment, schedule one final day to pull weeds, cut the grass and trim branches and bushes surrounding your house. This will eliminate access points for insects or rodents while also keeping tree limbs away from your home during winter storms.


8.) Neatly Store Your Patio Furnitures

Scrub, clean and store your outdoor furniture and, if you have room, your grill, inside a shed or garage. This will help prolong the life of your investments. Many people choose to cook on their grill year round, which is great, but make certain you have a heavy duty grill cover in place.


9.) Turn Off The Exterior Water

Drain that hose and turn off the water to prevent frozen pipes and exterior damage. Many houses have water shut off valves inside the house that feed the external faucets. It’s always best to stop the flow of water as far away from the exterior of the house as possible during the colder months.


10.) Before You Light That Fireplace…


Who doesn’t love relaxing  beside a cozy fire on a cold, winter night? Before you light up some logs and stoke the flames, be certain your damper is in full working order. It’s also advisable to have your chimney cleaned prior to “fireplace season”.