As a homeowner getting ready to put your house on the market, springtime brings plenty of beautiful home staging opportunities. If you’re in the process of selling, there are several spring staging tricks that can appeal to buyers and help you sell your home quicker. Make the most of this season with these 10 tips for successful home staging.


  1. Take an open house tour of your home, and jot down any touch-ups that need made. Walk outside and throughout your home and visualize the space from the buyer’s perspective. Start a to-do list or spring-cleaning list of things that need cleaned, repaired or repainted.
  2. Tackle your spring-cleaning checklist. Scrub those floors, dust all furniture and throw your curtains in the washer to make your home more appealing. Make any necessary improvements you noted during your walk-thru.
  3. Remove any clutter. Anything you don’t need, get rid of it. Everything else should be organized neatly. This includes in the garage. Buyers see the garage as an extension of the home, so it can be hard to look beyond the clutter and see the potential of the space.
  4. Box up your winter clothes. This alleviates room in your closets so buyers will be impressed with all that extra space available.
  5. Clear winter debris from your yard. Some light landscaping and a few added flowers or plants will help whip your yard into shape.
  6. Clean and de-clutter your entryway. If your doormat is covered in winter mud or salt stains, buy a new one. If you still have a holiday wreath on your front door, remove it. Clean all furniture on the front porch as well.
  7. Bring the scents of spring inside. Incorporate fresh cut flowers, light and airy candles, diffusers, or incense to freshen your space.
  8. Break out the spring colors. Now’s the time to put away the heavy flannel and dark, dull colors of winter. Instead, opt for throw blankets, pillows and other décor in florals, light pastels, and other bright and cheery colors.
  9. Let the sun shine in. Pull back all curtains and drapes, or raise the blinds for added brightness before a showing. If it’s raining, turn on all the lights instead.
  10. Spruce up your backyard. Even if your trees are still bare and the grass spotty, place a few containers of potted bulbs or plants on the back patio to add color and life to the backyard.