We’ve all recovered from our Thanksgiving feasts, Black Friday has come and gone and now it’s time to get ready for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and 2017! There’s a lot to take care of over around the house during the next few weeks. Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations we thought it was a good time to remind our loyal readers to take extra precaution when it comes to getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Here’s our list of Important Safety Tips to keep in mind when getting your house set for the year-end festivities.


1. Everyone loves the site of a beautiful home decorated in multi-colored lights for the holidays. Carefully inspect your holiday light strings before draping them over the tree, both inside as well as outside. Discard any frayed cords or broken bulbs. Remember to turn off all holiday lights when you leave your home or retire for the evening. Your home is  likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life—be certain you protect it!


2. Never overload extension cords when placing your holiday decorations, and never connect more than one extension cord together. Always be certain to use properly grounded extensions and if you absolutely need multiple plugs, purchase a new cord that will best suit your requirements.


3. If you’re holiday tradition consists of purchasing a real tree, try to select one that is fresh and recently cut. Fresh trees are still moist and able are less likely to ignite than dry, brittle trees. It’s advisable to place your tree away from an open flame fireplace and to not utilize candles in close proximity. When displaying an artificial tree, always purchase and look for a flame resistant label.


4. When hanging wreaths around your house, always use a sturdy, durable ladder, making certain the legs are locked in place. It’s best to choose a day with favorable weather. Never ascend a ladder during sleet, snowfall or below-freezing temperatures.

5. Everyone likes to curl up next to a nice warm fire during the holiday season, which makes it imperative that your smoke detectors should all be in working order. Inspect all smoke detectors prior to lighting that first blaze to ensure they are all functioning properly.


6. We’ve all seen “Home Alone”, right? This comical tale about a young boy defending his family’s castle against two bumbling burglars, although strictly fiction, does carry with it a kernel of truth. Criminals know that expensive gifts are being stored in your home just waiting to be opened on Christmas morning, and they would love nothing better than to claim those items for themselves! If you have an alarm system, make certain that you’re using and if you plan on travelling for the holidays it’s a very good idea to ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home.


7. Small children and pets are attracted to holiday ornaments and lights. Make certain fragile bulbs, tree wiring and other potentially dangerous decorations are kept safely out of reach.


8. Everyone loves a homemade holiday meal! When preparing your holiday feast for friends and family, stay vigilant in the kitchen. Never leave a stove top in use unattended and ensure your fire extinguisher is fully charged.


Here’s wishing you and yours a happy and safe Holiday Season!